About Us

We are a Praying Church. 

"Come on in the room,
come on in the room;
Jesus is my doctor
and He writes out all of my prescriptions,
He gives me all of my medicine in my room
There is joy, joy in the room,
joy in the room;
Jesus is my doctor
and He writes out all of my prescriptions,
He gives me all of my medicine in my room.

Joy in my room,
Joy in my room;
Jesus will meet you
The Holy ghost will greet you,

Joy unspeakable, joy in my room"   




Come join us Sunday August 20,2017 for our OUTDOOR SERVICES! Plenty of food, fun, fellowship.

See you at 12!  

All are Welcome  





Our History

Prior to 1931, the church was called Taylor’s Chapel Baptist Church and stood between Gray and Richie Streets in Asheville.  As the community grew, so did the need for a larger place to worship.  In June of 1931, three church trustees (W. K. Knight, Joe Calhoon and Hattie Jones Howard) purchased land at 27 Madison Street.  A community effort ensued, spearheaded by Deacon William Howard (grandfather of the late Phyllis Sherrill) and a new church was built at 27 Madison Street in the heart of the area affectionately known as Stumptown. This community effort “fared so well” the name of the church was changed to Welfare Baptist Church.

As the 1940s rolled around, Pastor Pettiway and Associate Pastor Ward were preaching the gospel so ferociously that plumbing and restrooms were added to the church so that services could last as long as the Holy Spirit was in the building - and that could be all day and all night.  The church was on fire with the Holy Spirit and by the end of the forties, Welfare Baptist had acquired the nickname “Holy Ghost Headquarters.”

Rev. E. W. Posey was pastor from the early 1950s until 1969. The 1970s brought still more changes. Among the pastors during the decade were Rev. Paul Miller, Rev. B. J. Jamison and Rev. Virgil Sturgis. In the 70’s, residents who lived around the church began to move out of the neighborhood and membership began to decline. The Stumptown Community was almost gone.

But by 1988, Holy Ghost Headquarters was stompin’ again! Rev. Donald Lytle became pastor of Welfare Baptist and once again membership flourished. After Rev. Lytle passed away suddenly in 1991, the church was without a full-time pastor for almost two years. Then Rev. William Ray pastored the church from 1993 until 2004.

The 1990s took a toll on the church as the remaining grassroots saints passed on, leaving one deacon and several trustees to keep the church afloat. Deacon Samuel Harrison, who understood what Welfare Baptist had meant historically to Stumptown, was determined to keep the church doors open.  

On many occasions, the church tried to purchase adjoining property to expand, but the rising cost of land in the historic district and the rush of development blocked the purchase. The church still had a vision to expand, even though the congregation was small and the options at 27 Madison Street appeared to be gone.

In June of 2005, God sent a young new minister to pastor Welfare Baptist Church. Rev. Rod Whiteside came and all agreed that a new vision for the church was on the way. Many new ministries were added and the congregation soared. On June 25, 2006, the church officially changed its name to New Vision Baptist and adopted a new motto: Experience a New Thing! (Isaiah 43:19).

In preparation for a new church facility in a new location, New Vision Baptist Church sold its facility at 27 Madison Street and is now worshipping temporarily at Bethel Seventh Day Adventist Church (238 South French Broad Avenue). Until the Lord leads us to our promised land, we will continue to trust and praise Him for the history of the church and for the new history, yet to unfold.

Pastor Rod retired as pastor in July of 2015 and in late 2016 Rev. Odell Suber, Sr. was called as the interim pastor. 

New Vision Baptist Church

Samuel Harrison, Chair
John Littlejohn
Jene' Blake
Roberta Todd
Carolyn Sandford, Chair
Celia Lytle
Sarah Dorsey
Arnita King
Victor Gaines
Alberta Littlejohn
Junie McMorris

Finance Committee
Jene' Blake
Samuel Harrison
John Littlejohn
Roberta Todd

Music Department
Paul Gilmore - Bass
John Littlejohn, Choir Coordinator
Jeremy Hughes, Pianist
A.C. Edmonds, Drummer

Church Secretary
Sarah Dorsey

Church Treasurer
Samuel Harrison

Mailing Address:
New Vision Baptist Church
P.O. Box 7643
Asheville, NC 28802


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New Vision Baptist Church
Location: 55 Shiloh Road, Asheville, NC 28803
Mailing: PO Box 7643 • Asheville, NC 28802

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